The East India Trading Company is arguably the most powerful British force on POTCO. Controlling the Caribbean from an early time, when the Kingdom of Great Britain did not involve itself in the Caribbean, the Company managed to hold off Spanish assaults many times. By the late 1730s, the Company had deteriorated, and fallen under the complete rule of the King of Britain, George Augustus II, commonly known as John Breasly. In 1748, Great Britain lost many of its shares, resulting in the Company splitting from Britain once more, as a trade partner now. 

Early History & Founding Edit

Lord Pablo Swordmaster Edit

Lord Davy MenaceEdit

Lord Benjamin Macmorgan Edit

Civil War Edit

Lord Leonardo Goldtimbers Edit

Lord Samuel "Redbeard" HarringtonEdit

British Rule Edit

Lord Samuel "Redbeard" Harrington Edit

Lord Nathaniel Joseph GarlandEdit

Lord Giovanni Goldtimbers Edit

Independent Rule & Return to Power Edit

Lord Joseph GreyEdit

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