Welcome to the East India House Wiki

The main headquarters of the British East India Trading Company in Pirates Online Rewritten Roleplay, We are currently led by Sir Joseph Grey, the Lord Governor of the EITC and Sir Richard Venables, the Lord Marshal of the EITC. Here at East India House we seek to continue the traditions and values of such noble leaders as Macmorgan, Menace and Harrington and to continue the EITC's legacy into POR.

This wiki is designed to be a base of operations for the East India Trading Company, including it's Court of Directors, Military and various other staff.

We have chat available for people to hold meetings as well as catch up, talk and discuss stuff pertaining to RP, the EITC, or Britain.

Note: This is NOT the wiki for England or Great Britain it is solely for the EITC. 


Richard Venables @Admins

Wiki Staff

  1. Sir Joseph Grey - Chief Bureaucrat, Lord Governor
  2. Sir Richard Venables - Bureaucrat (Founder), Lord Marshal
  3. Sir Mathieu Venables - Administrator, Lord Commissioner

Things to do

Check out these awesome pages, to find out some awesome info on the EITC, it's history, it's current and past HCO's and it's military. Helpful for new users and old ones alike.

more will be added soon. @admins

User of the Month (COMING SOON)

User of the Month is where we vote for one member of the EITC who is a user on this wiki, who we think is the best user this month. Userss cannot be voted for in two months in a row. We vote for someone new every month!