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Kwagar Ocata


Emperor of the Grand Imperial Order (8 Years of leading the Community/Empire)

Grandmaster of the Order of Balance (GIO Religious Order)

Emperor/King of Denmark

Paymaster of His's Majesty's Forces (British)

Leader of the British Army

Leader of the British Special Forces

Trained in all forms of combat, diplomacy, and buisness deals

((Experienced RolePlayer))

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Your application will be reviewed by the Court and you shall be notified within 2 business days.

Sir Kwagar Ocata - 

On this day, the High Command of the East India Trading Company has legislated in agreement on your application to join the Court of Directors as an EITC Lord. Congratulations. 


Thank you very much. I'll see to it that the company shall be great once again. 

" I am Lord Cutler Beckett, chairman of the East India Trading Company, and duly appointed representative of His Majesty the King. 

Cross me, and I shall see to it that the might of this empire and the vast East India Trading Company is on your rudder, ready to blast you to extinction and give no quarter.

Consider that in your calculations."

Boom The Lord Chancellor has arrived

What is this blasphemy

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