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Impeachment Trial: Ryan Roberts

Mark your calenders! 

This coming Thursday, the twentieth of November, an Impeachment Trial shall be held in the Meeting Hall at seven o'clock post meridium. All are welcome to join in as witnesses to this. If you wish to serve on the Jury, please inform me no later than an hour before the Trial. The Head of the Defense is unnamed yet, although the Prosecution is known to be lead by Lord Commissioer, Sir Mathieu Venables. 

As Lord Governor, and Chairman of the Court, I shall serve as Magistrate. 

Thank you. 

Joseph Grey - Talk @Admins

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Would love to serve in the Jury, what time is this to take place?


It will start at 7:00 PM sharp. Jury Members are expected to arrive 10 minutes early along with the Magistrate. 

Which Time Zone?

Pacific Time Zone

7 Pacific, 8 Mountain, 9 Central, and 10 Eastern. 

Alright, I will make it

The Impeachment Trial has been called off by the Prosecution.