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Suspension Alert: Sir Joseph Grey

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Impeachment Trial: Lord Marshal Richard Venables & Lord Commissioner Mathieu Venables

The British Government has called for the Impeachment of two EITC High Commanding Officers. In accordance with out Policies for Demotions/Discharges/Impeachments, an Impeachment is required to remove a High Commanding Officer from active duty. A trial will thus be held tomorrow, at 6 PM PST on the East India House Wiki. Anyone is welcome to view the trial, however, it is not a public vote. All current HCO's must vote on the matter (with the exclusion of the two at question. The Prosecution will be lead by Sir Johnathan Goldtimbers, Sir Blake Stewart, and Sir Nathaniel Huntington. The Lord Governor shall serve as Magistrate. 
Note: Unrelated; In accordance with the British Government's choice to revoke Sir Richard's Governor-Generalship and demote him to a Lieutenant, he has been ruled as the Prime Minister as no longer Speaker. The New Speaker will be appointed by the Prime Minister tomorrow. Sir Mathieu has also lost his seat on Parliament, at the ruling of the Prime Minister. (All Peerages formerly granted to the Venables family, remain).

Joseph Grey - Talk @Admins
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Impeachment Trial: Ryan Roberts

Mark your calenders! 
This coming Thursday, the twentieth of November, an Impeachment Trial shall be held in the Meeting Hall at seven o'clock post meridium. All are welcome to join in as witnesses to this. If you wish to serve on the Jury, please inform me no later than an hour before the Trial. The Head of the Defense is unnamed yet, although the Prosecution is known to be lead by Lord Commissioer, Sir Mathieu Venables. 
As Lord Governor, and Chairman of the Court, I shall serve as Magistrate. 
Thank you. 

Joseph Grey - Talk @Admins
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